Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Random Notes, July 2009

+ Regardless of whether or not she's running for president in three years, wouldn't it have made sense for Gov. Sarah Palin to finish out her term? Why did she choose the 3rd of July to declare her independence from Alaska? Though the media (mainstream and otherwise) has downplayed the numerous ethics complaints that she's received from her political opponents since last November, wouldn't it have made sense to address these charges and not spend 90% of her time touring the lower 48? Granted, a couple of the accusations do sound fishy, but that's beside the point; in the wake of becoming a national candidate last year, Palin simply hasn't been doing her job and the Alaska politicos turned their backs on her. Her resignation address, unfocused and hasty as it might have been, left more questions than answers; it felt like an overly subtle --and very premature-- announcement for her presidential candidacy. It's one thing to be a maverick, it's another to run away from your problems.

+ Meanwhile, this week I'm making my second serious foray into finding an apartment. I made my first attempt to break out on my own near the end of my stint at Illinois State; for all the amazing deals I found in Normal ($400/m including gas, water and electric!) I was low on money and I didn't have a job, so I had no choice but to move back home. Now that I have a part-time gig and a little bit of a nest egg, I'm making my second attempt to move out of my parents' house. Stay tuned...

+ While I'm happy (though far from surprised) that Zach Greinke was selected for the American League All-Star Team, I was somewhat disappointed that Alberto Callaspo (5/31/.301) and perennial bridesmaid David DeJesus (currently leading the AL with 6 triples) weren't considered for that "32nd man" ballot. Chone Figgins and his one home run gets a reprieve but not Big Al?

+ This TV.com/Facebook crossover might take some getting used to, especially now that my ugly mug is on display. I'm still deciding if I'll bring back my Royals avatar...

+ Last Saturday was the first broadcast of "Those Were The Days" with Steve Darnall as host (see WU #209), and to be honest with you, I thought the public's reaction was way, way over the top. I can understand if there were going to be fireworks, but shutting down the banks and all federal buildings? Parades in nearly every town in the country? You'd think it was a national holiday or something... ;)

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  1. As someone who actually supported Palin during the 08 election, I'm getting sick of her. After the Letterman feud where she overreacted, and this... I hope that she does not get the nomination if she runs in 2012 because she will just sink the party. But what she just did probably killed any chance she could have at getting into a higher office because she can now be labeled as a quitter. It really doesn't make any sense that she did that.

    Although, with all of those ethics complaints she lost half a milion dollars paying for them, and she was innocent in everything they threw at her. And it sounds like she quit because her family and Palin herself could not handle all of the attacks that have been directed at them since she got the VP nomination. And if that is true, why the hell would she want to run for President?