Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Random Notes, October 2009

+ First, we learned that David Letterman was having a rendez-vous with his assistant. Then, Jimmy Kimmel comfirmed that he was dating his head writer. Now I hear that Carson Daly was caught with a box of Kleenex and an L.L. Bean catalog...

+ I'll admit that President Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize for his goals, not for his accomplishments. In his defense, it was a weak year for world peace --a vague statement, but it's true-- and the field was wide open; besides, he's not the worst pick the Nobel committee has ever made (see "Arafat, Yassir"). Nevertheless, I congratulate the president on his award, though I really hope he puts his money where his mouth is.

+ The world is not coming to an end in December 2012, so would everybody just let the topic die already?

+ Boy oh boy, I've been a terrible prognosticator this week. I predicted a Cards-Phillies NLCS and a Bosox-Yankees ALCS, and instead Boston and St. Louis put up terrible first-round performances. On top of that, I picked Jacksonville to humble Seattle in Week 5, not the other way around. On the other hand, my World Series forecast (Philadelphia over New York in 6) is still viable, and it's not like the Jags or She-Hawks are playoff contenders.

+ This Friday I'm driving down to Normal for Illinois State's Homecoming. For the third time in five years, my Redbirds (2-3 for the year) are heading home to face the Indiana State Sycamores, perhaps the worst college football program in the country (32 straight losses and counting dating to 2006). Here's hoping Da Trees make it 33 in a row... though as my previous comment implied, I won't bet the farm on it.

+ I support same-sex marriage, though when you live in a white bread, right-of-center suburb, you have to force yourself to downplay such a bold statement. Last Sunday was National Coming Out Day, and I'd like to dedicate this blog entry to anyone and everyone that has found the courage to be honest about their sexual orientation. In the wake of Prop 8 and growing opposition by the religious right, it'd be foolish to think that legalizing gay unions will happen overnight, but the progress made since the Stonewall Riots 40-plus years ago proves that such a possibility is feasible within our lifetimes. Keep searching for that rainbow!


  1. In the pick em league I'm in almost everyone got 5 of the games wrong. They picked the Bills, Jaguars, Patriots, Ravens, and 49ers in those games, the only one I got right out of that group was the Falcons beating the 49ers.

    And I'm starting to get a feeling that Letterman and Kimmel are just trying to get ratings.

  2. Letterman was already beating Conan in the ratings before this scandal.

    Ugh, not the gay marriage issue. It's not a religious issue, it's a WEIRD issue. I take it you've never seen two grossly boozed-up fat bulldykes grope each other in the White Sox Stadium Club restaurant. One's sexual orientation is not anyone's god damned business, and shame on the gays & others for forcing the issue into people's faces when they don't want to hear anything about it. Could you imagine if there was a symbol, ribbon, flag or parade for straight people?? It'd be ridiculous! Public displays of affection for anyone should be illegal IMO. And what's the REAL motif with gay marriage? There's car insurance & tax breaks for married people, probably other breaks for married couples as well.

  3. Well it happened Wednesday, Stu: California state senate voted 21-14 to provide the stadium with an exemption to state environmental law in San Gabriel Valley in the city of Industry, east of L.A. The exemption was the last thing with lawsuits to stop the stadium movement. The stadium can be ready by 2013. Now it's just a matter of what team moves in to a 75,000 seat stadium, with of course playing in the Coliseum or Rose Bowl until then. It also means a 2nd team could move there as well.