Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Random Notes, November 2009

+ While I'm not totally sold on all the H1N1 hysteria, it's probably a greater threat to children than the average adult. Our local health service outlets have really been on the ball about this, posting tips for flu prevention in any public building I can think of. Sure, it's the obvious stuff like coughing into your elbow and not rubbing your eyes with dirty hands, but where I'm from common sense is not innate. If you want to get that special flu shot, go ahead, I'm not stopping you.

+ If the Republicans make any gains in today's gubernatorial races --and they probably will-- they won't be of much consequence. For all the media attention the New Jersey and Virginia governor's races are receiving, it's just two states. In the event that Doug Hoffman beats Bill Owens for the 23rd congressional district in New York, it won't rattle the status quo in Washington, at least not now. Whether or not President Obama's waffling public support will affect the 2010 midterms is still anyone's guess.

+ When did Chicago turn into Seattle? I haven't had time to do any research, but I think October was the rainiest month in my hometown in recent memory. Between the wind, the torrential downpours, the leaves falling, driving around has made for a sticky situation. This is sandwiched between an unusually cool winter and what is expected to be our third brutal winter in a row. I'd like to hear what the global warming skeptics have to say about this...

+ The number of names on the FBI's list of presumed terrorists in the US has exceeded the population of Minneapolis, MN. That's a scary thought.

+ After starting the year 2-2, my fantasy football team is reeling from a four-game schnied. I pin my roster's woes on two mistakes that I made on draft day: picking three quarterbacks (two of whom are can't-cut; the other is Jay Cutler) and drafting too many players with the same bye week. Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown, since I'm also the commish and half the league thinks I'm deliberately phoning it in.

+ Would anyone give a hoot about Chastity "Chaz" Bono's gender reassignment surgery if she weren't the daughter of Sonny and Cher? For all her public battles, did anyone check to see if she has any discernible talent that would make anyone besides Mary Hart bat an eyelash?

+ Baseball in November? Come on...


  1. Stu, it's a strong El Nino year, everything is going as it should, and it should be a mild winter. Remember in 2005 was a drought year & was the 5th driest on record, & 2006 was pretty dry in this Midwestern region as well. 2008 was the wettest year on record at 50.86".

    If Cher was my mother, I'd want to change genders too if I was a girl.

    Thank Fox for your November baseball. They insist the World Series starts on a Wednesday, no matter what. This bullshit of so many off & travel days needs to stop. The W.S. should start the day after the season ends, and shift to a 3games-off-2g, 4g-off-3g-off, 4g-off-3g postseason schedule format. This season, if every series went full, playoffs would be over on Oct. 27, and if were all sweeps, Oct. 17th. The current system favors rich teams who can afford the best starting pitchers & make the back of the rotation moot. And oh yeah, there would have to be some day games.

  2. Thats why I just do the Pickem ones.

    Right now I have 43 out of 74 of the games right after I started in week 3. But the one I'm in is at the place my dad works in, so I was able to start late.

  3. I'm too young to remember day games in the World Series, though that'd be nice. I doubt the MLB would lose money if the Saturday and Sunday games (3 and 4, I guess) had a 3p game time; on the other hand, it would clash with college and pro football.

  4. The last day game in World Series history was the 1987 Twins / Cardinals Game 6. My first World Series was in 1989. I remember when there was a lot of day playoffs, and I remember rushing home in October 2000 to watch the Mariners / Sox playoffs. There was a day game this year in the playoffs. The issue is competition & commercial value. Primetime commercial is worth a lot more than afternoon time. As we know, Friday & Saturday night are the least watched nights, and there's way too much competition on Sunday night, especially with the NFL. Unfortunately ratings this year were the highest since 2004. Mike Scioscia was totally right that the current playoff schedule is complete bullshit. Too many off-days & this 8pm & 10pm Eastern time start is total bullshit as well. I hope the next Commish brings some sanity to baseball, and right a lot of wrongs.

    Did you watch the playoffs? Wow, I have never seen so many blown calls. Unfortunately it's going to force the issue of Instant Replay, which really burns my ass. There's a few things you can do to fix the homerun problem. And another thing, they need to speed up the games, and the simplest solution: enlarge the strike zone.

  5. I watched the playoffs; too bad the umps missed it. ;)

    By enlarging the strike zone, are you factoring height, width, or both?

  6. Easiest: height. Below the knees to the letters (just under the armpits). This is baseball, not golf where there's not tomahawk swings all the time. I don't know why homeplate was decided to be 17", but 19" or an even 20" would be even better. Baseball has its fans back, it's time to bring back some leverage to the pitchers. I'd even suggest raising the mound 1" every 4 years in the next 20 years, which would be very easy to do as well. The mound at Dodgers Stadium has been caught to being 1" or 2" higher than it should be. They know how to take care of their pitchers out there.