Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Random Notes, August 2010

+ Elena Kagan? I'm still not sure about her, but any conservative that opposed her nomination for the Supreme Court must've forgotten two crucial X-factors: the right still has a 5-4 advantage on the most partisan court in generations, and the next justice to retire will likely be Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a Clinton appointee and dyed-in-the-wool liberal. Regardless, the GOP's shutting down of several Appellate Court nominees seemed more spiteful than pragmatic.

+ Now that Prop 8 has been overturned, here's a great article from The Nation on how same-sex marriage might become the election issue of the 2010 midterms. Granted, I believe government spending is far meatier issue, but he makes a pretty convincing argument.

+ Remember what I said last week about the Royals? Seems like I spoke too soon. Even without the top four outfielders in our early season depth chart (Podsednik, Dejesus, Ankiel, Guillen) we're still playing .500 ball in the Ned Yost era. Then again, we spent the last week playing lightweights like Oakland and Seattle, so this could be more fad than trend. Let's see how KC fares against the Halos before I eat my words.

+ Speaking of baseball, my latest fantasy misadventures are on par with my 2008 and 2009 results. The floor finally caved in on my TV.com team, which is now in last place after going a collective 2-18 in the past two weeks. My roster has its hands tied following injuries to John Buck (who I was forced to drop), Ryan Howard, and Ian Kinsler. Meanwhile, my "other" team is rolling after a 11-0-4 week, putting me right back in third place. Similar rosters, wildly varying results.

+ Finally, I was tempted to end this blog with a "long series of tubes" reference, but upon hearing of the senator's passing a few minutes ago I determined that it would be in terrible taste. My deepest sympathies to the Stevens family.

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