Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Squawk Like an Egyptian

First it was Tunisia, then Egypt, and now Bahrain and possibly Yemen. What's most remarkable is that these revolutions were largely non-violent; the cradle of civilization has a long, brutal history of mutilation and bloodshed, so what has happened in the last three weeks has been a remarkable leap in progress not just for Egypt but the Mediterranean and Middle East in general. Hosni Mubarak had to go, no question, but what happens now? Stability is absolutely crucial, but temporary military control is seldom truly temporary. The influence of Islam extremists could be potentially troubling.

I'll concede that passive resistance won't work everywhere. One of my peacenik pals on Facebook commented that a violent overthrow of North Korea, beginning or concluding with the assassination of Kim Jong-Il, would be the only such act of bloodshed that she would ever endorse. Some semblance of reform will come to Iran someday, though it won't happen overnight and will likely need American intervention. On our end, combat in Iraq is more or less over, but Afghanistan still teeter-totters between building a democracy and eating itself whole. For all we know, 2011 in the Middle East could be a repeat of the European uprisings of 1968, and the chaos in Cairo is their Prague Spring. All that matters right now is finding a system that works, represents the people in the fairest way possible, and rejects the trend of extremism for something civil and just.

Other notes:

+ Mom Update: it's been more than six months since my mother's stroke, and she's still doing pretty well. In fact, we found out yesterday that in spite of her treatment last year, her hepatitis has now been completely eradicated. Earlier this week she began babysitting some neighbors' kids for a little side income, so I guess it's just business as usual.

+ Improv Update: for anyone in or around Chicago on February 28th, I'll be having my Level 4B class performance at IO. We'll be performing during the 7pm that night in the Cabaret (downstairs) Theater and admission is free to the general public. Drop me a line if you'd like more details.

+ Pitchers and catchers reported to the Kansas City Royals' training camp today. Oh well, there's always 2012. ;)

Next week: the year in music, 1981.


  1. You blog is great! If you like funny videos, check out this funny conservative videos site.

  2. Thank you for the link, but I'm not conservative.

  3. Stu has way too much Liberal White Guilt & White Man Shame to be a Conservative :P

    As for the Reagan entry, I think this country is sorely lacking a President that has the kind of character, confidence and charm since he left office, tho I could still hear the moans and screams of all those old fart hippies who detest Reagan right down to the last wheat germ. You can say all you want about Bill Clinton and the policies & what went on in the 1990s, but the man & and his wife are total pieces of shit. W. Bush commanded zero respect which quite frankly was anything but a role model or a competent man; his father was the opposite and demanded respect despite not earning it (his 1990 statement about America needing more to be like the Waltons than the Simpsons was probably the most antiquated senile comment I still have ever heard).

    As for Sarah Palin and all her Reaganisms, she'll never command the respect or inspire the confidence because yeah, she's a hot crazy broad with a crazy family & background.

    I just want somebody in politics to understand that you CAN'T keep spending more than what you take in and you can't keep borrowing or selling off assets, or selling your vote for special interests! And I wish these politicians would realize that wholeheartedly pandering to public schools is a dangerous predicament because according them, "nothing (the funding & compensation in money) is ever good enough", and they'll blackmail the taxpayers using the excuse "it's for your children". The unions in Chicago have already proven what happens when they become too corrupt and too well compensated without checks & balances and higher standards of quality and accountability.

    I'm actually intrigued on the kind of damage that Rahm Emanuel will do to Chicago. Hey, those union members are used to a dysfunctional and cushy lifestyle! They might actually have to earn their paycheck, whoa! And I'd say the only thing that could stop the Obama administration's agenda & ideals besides the Republicans, is reality.