Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Random Notes, April 2011

As you probably guessed, this week's missive is a tad late. In fact, in nearly six years this is the latest I've ever posted a Weekly Update. Long story short, I was spending long hours training for a sales/marketing position that ultimately didn't work out. Regardless, I remain optimistic and will continue my job search with my head held high. With that said, let me drop off some random notes:

+ In some ways, President Obama dodged a bullet last weekend. In other ways, he shot himself in the foot. I'm relieved that we won't be facing a government shutdown, but the compromise that party leaders agreed upon late Friday night won't satisfy too many Americans. Some cuts, like education and elderly care were sadly inevitable, but others clearly demonstrated the seemingly impenitrible stranglehold of lobbyists and special interest groups. If the majority of our elected officials had actual jobs --or possessed any real-world skill besides governing-- they would've been fired now. The partisan cease fire in the wake of Gabby Giffords' shooting was fleeting; the ideological dagger eyes are just as pointed as they were before the election. The bipartisan period of mourning, one of mutual yet begrudging respect, was just that-- a period.

+ On that note, whatever became of the Tea Party radicals that took a battering ram to the status quo last year? Chances are, the mavericks that were elected to the House in November are too preoccupied trying to stay in office; it's fairly common for rookie representatives to spend nearly their entire two-year term fighting off challengers for a congressional seat they won mere months ago. However, the two or three that were present and vocal during the debates griped that there weren't enough cuts on government spending (naturally). As literal and pure as they may be, the Tea Partiers will eventually come to the same conclusion that Newt Gingrich arrived at in 1996: a government that spends no money whatever can neither govern nor function.

+ Another spring, another fantasy baseball rollout. So far, my results are no different than the past three years: my team is middling while my other team thrives. I drafted Mike Aviles on both teams; after a sizzing opening day he's been batting .060, so I dropped him for Hideki Kuroda and Alberto Callapso. Now I need to figure out what to do with an injured Ryan Zimmerman...

+ Finally, I'd like to address a bizarre incident that occured on Facebook last week. For those of you that are friends with me outside of this site, I'm somewhat notorious for writing witty, facetious status updates. Sometimes my original material clicks, sometimes it doesn't, it's all trial and error. On Tuesday the 5th, I jokingly announced that I had won the prestigious Red Smith Sports Journalism Award for an article I wrote titled "Wilson vs. Blaylock: History's Greatest Mookie?" Instead of getting the usual "John Smith likes this" or "LOL" comment, I received several notes congratulating me on the honor. Apparently, my wit was too dry for its own good; my friends and acquaintances didn't realize that a) the Red Smith is like the Pulitizer for sportswriting and almost as lucrative, and b) I'm just your average free-lance writer/blogger, not a scribe for Sports Illustrated or anything of the such. Eventually I had to clarify my failed joke, and no one felt betrayed, but for my own personal amusement I actually will write a blog spot next week comparing and contrasting the two Mookies. This article will be either my creative pinnacle or a stunning failure, and anyone that's interested will have a front row seat.


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  1. I think it's terrible they dragged Planned Parenthood into the whole budget mess. I got bored caring about the whole Gov't shutdown, tho I did have a Ron Swanson/Libertarian-esquse feeling of schadenfreude if they shut the whole fucking thing down. Sans PP, there can be cuts made everywhere (including massive cuts in the military) & I think the reality is the retirement age will need to be raised to 68 y/o if not 70, and early Social Security withdrawal (like my parents both did) needs to reduced. To be frank, we need a lot more skinny anorexic people & a lot of old people dying. :|

    Facebook? What's that? Some kind of stalking device?