Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Random Notes, April 2012

+ Lately I've been strugging to meet my self-imposed Tuesday night deadline, sometimes because of other projects, in other cases I struggle to write something relevant and meaningful. In this instance, my procrastination was both somewhat beneficial and tragic.  I was too young to watch --much less remember first-hand-- the cultural phenomenon that was "American Bandstand." However, I've been watching Dick Clark on New Year's Eve since grade school, one-hour time difference be damned.  Watching the ball drop in Times Square won't be the same.  Thanks for the music, Mr. Clark.

+ I'm going to a chiropractor!  After having a free exam at the gym about two weeks ago, I learned that my mild lower back pain was the result of a stage 1 subluxation.  In spite of my ongoing (read: neverending) job search and lack of money, I was able to work out a payment plan that will result in me getting "the works" three days a week until mid-July.

+ Dog Update: Nearly 3 1/2 months after my sister adopted Henry, the puppy and the maltipoo still aren't getting along.  The only thing they've learned to share is a water bowl; otherwise, the two dogs get into a fight almost on a daily basis.  In spite of my sister's best intentions, my parents and I have concluded that this isn't working out.  Alas, all the local no-kill shelters are swamped and we don't know anyone looking to adopt, so we're stuck with both dogs.

+ Fantasy Update: For the fifth straight year, I'm dipping my toe (and then some) into roto baseball. In the past I've gone into detail about my various transactions, but ultimately I feel like I jinx my teams in the process. All I can say for now is, we're two weeks into the 2012 season, and both of my teams are in a healthy position . Also, "congratulations" to Phillies shortstop Jimmy Rollins, the only player I've drafted all five years.

Next week: the year in music, 1977.  It's gonna be a humdinger.

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