Thursday, November 22, 2012

My Eighth Annual Thanks/No Thanks List

Happy Thanksgiving, or to all my Canadian friends, "happy Thursday."

I suppose some of you are wondering what happened last week. My current temp job and my other pursuits had overwhelmed me, and long story short for the first time since December 2005 I sat out a week from the blog. When something like this happens, I take a quick step backwards and try to figure out how this could happen. For the past three months I've been averaging between 6 and 6 1/2 hours a sleep per night, and rarely napping in between. My temp job is in Aurora, IL (a 35 to 45 minute drive from Downers Grove) and I'm at the office 40+ hours each week. Outside of work, I drive to the city for various improv activities (about two or three nights a week) and for a period of three weeks or so I had to do household chores and finance-related tasks that are normally performed by my mother. Real life took priority, and something had to give in.

As for my mother, though she's had more critical health issues in the past --which I've described in dramatic detail in the past-- I want to emphasize that she's okay at the moment. She went to the hospital the night of October 24th with stomach pains, which was later revealed to be a swollen gallbladder. (This was her second time in ER last month, after having a reaction to her Parkinson's medication.) She ended up spending the next two weeks in a hospital bed, than another 10 days in a physical rehab center.  For the time being, she is hobbling around the house with a mini-catheter until her gallbladder is removed sometime next month. Again, she's not in dire straits by any means, but I'll take any thoughts and good vibes you send our way.

With that said, I give thanks to...

  • The Chicago improv community
  • My temp agencies
  • Those annoying campaign ads are over with (for now)
  • Twitter and Facebook
  • The support of my friends and family

Also, I give a hearty "no thanks" to...

Next week: at long last, my look at the year in music 1963.


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