Monday, December 31, 2012

My Last Post of 2012

Happy Early New Year!

I have so much to say before 2012 rolled into '13, but alas my last word had to wait until just before the ball dropped. In a funny way, my year began and ended with a horse; in January I volunteered to be an extra in a short film and ended up getting two lines. Earlier this month, I recorded a voiceover for another friend's short film. Both pieces ("Contested" and "Horse War") prominently featured live equines and will earn me my first IMDb credits. In the interim, I appeared in one other short film ("Zombie Lawyer") and did camera work for another ("Breaking Up with a Drama Major").

Nevertheless, I feel like the horse connection seems like a perfect metaphor for my 2012. I spent the year running all over the place, constantly on my feet, frequently in competiton with others, trying to accomplish one goal after another.  I am proud to say that one of my biggest goals was finally attained about 10 days ago, when I passed my Conservatory Level 3 audition at Second City on the 7th try. Most of my old classmates passed on the first or second attempt and have long since finished, so I am super elated to finally be back on the inside.

Next week: 2012, the year in TV. Yes, I know it'll be late.


  1. Congrats on passing your audition. I look forward to seeing you on the tube (maybe YouTube) soon.

  2. Good for you Stu. A lesser man would have quit long before. Happy New Year and may the R.I.P.'s be few.