Saturday, February 8, 2014

The Curious Case of the Erstwhile Editor

For reasons that are unclear to me, I had been unable to access private messaging or the forums at, a situation that dragged on for nearly two weeks. At first I thought I was suspended under unknown pretenses; I had not logged in for a week in October 2013 (partially because of work, but also my family health situation) and was let off with a warning. However, there was hardly a strike two, let alone a strike three. I can't access the forums, or send private messages, or make any submissions outside of cast and crew credits. I had to ask my friends Charlene (aka IndianaMom) and Terence (algetrig91) to play go-between with the site admins, and they forwarded me the tech support e-mail. It took a few days, but the problem is resolved. Fellow TV.commers: I'm back on track.

Other notes:

+ Family Update: as of Thursday, February 6th my father's cancer is completely gone. There's a slim possibility that it may return, but right now it's completely out of his system. Granted, he's still physically weak and he's regained only a scintilla of his vision in one eye, but it's a step forward.

+ I think the Super Bowl ad that offended me the most was the one where they put ketchup on a hot dog.

+ Everything about the Sochi Olympics is a mess, and the games have barely started. The animal cruelty, the anti-gay propaganda laws, the lackadasical preparation, the fact that Vladimir Putin has his hand in just about everything. Rest assured, Russia will not host another Olympics for a long, long time.



  1. That's great about your father, Stu

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