Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Random Notes, April 2014

A few scattered thoughts:

+ Was Stephen Colbert the right pick? He was arguably the best available. Was Colbert the only pick, as Les Moonves suggested late last week? That depends on how you define "only." With all due respect to Colbert, Comedy Central probably thought he was marginally more expendable than Jon Stewart; if "The Daily Show" host is the Kobe of the network's late night lineup, than Colbert was Shaq. E! probably felt the same way about Chelsea Handler, and a plethora of other big names in the rumor mill simply didn't want the job. With that said, David Letterman turned the Late Show into the second-most lucrative position in late night TV, and I wish Colbert nothing but the best when he takes the reigns in mid-2015.

+ Speaking of late night, this past weekend I caught in two lengthy discussions about the current state of SNL. This has been a transitional year for the show, with eleven cast additions in two years and only three or four of them making any impact. It's been an awkward season, but surprisingly not terrible; underneath the clashing styles and cast overpopulation have been some funny sketches and overall solid episodes. All I can say, give this cast more time to grow. Nothing about SNL was ever built in a day.

+ I was beginning to think November might be a big victory of the GOP. Then something stupid like this happens, people raise a stink, and we have a real race again. Just like 2012, women might be an X-factor in the vote.

+ My father's side of the family used to live in Overland Park, KS, near Santa Fe Road and 83rd. My thoughts and prayers to the victims of Sunday's Jewish Center shooting.

Next Week: the second installment of "Seasons of Love."


  1. Colbert was the safe bet. From what I've heard, a lot people don't like Chandler & she's way too snarky for network television. Nobody wants to deal with that at the end of the day.
    As for SNL, how long are we going to keep making excuses for them? When the show debuted, it was already in high gear. There is just way too much competition nowadays & it seems it is living off its franchise name. Either the talent & writing is there or it isn't. I Googled SNL & top hit was "Seth Rogen & his very famous friends crash his monologue". Please stop with the celebrity cameos. It's a cheap ratings stunt.

  2. That is why I am going to quit watching talk shows when Letterman wraps things up. I am going to stick with comedy shows and religious programming . . . and, as the old saying goes, the rest is history.

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