Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Back to the Sandbox

Iraq has become a greater Pandora's Box than anyone could have possibly imagined. Even though there was a worldwide consensus 12 years ago that Saddam Hussein must be ousted, the execution (in the broader sense) was botched, and nearly every attempt to remedy the situation has either stagnated or failed. There were reports of turmoil and potential terrorist activity after we pulled out four years ago, and now the region is on the cusp of chaos again. When even Glenn Beck is admitting that "the liberals" were right about not invading, you know the prospect of another invasion is universally unpopular. Another full-scale operation is as financially unfeasible as it is morally ambiguous. There lies the dilemma: ISIS must be quashed, but for once we might have to defer to someone else.

Other notes:

+ Speaking of war, while I don't agree with the methods that were used to rescue Bowe Bergdahl, there is no justifable reason to leave any American troops behind. The negotiation was not only five years in the making, but it was also a last resort. If Bergdahl is the deserter and space cadet that the media makes him out to be, than as a soldier he has the right to some type of trial or military tribunal.

+ Talk about perfect timing-- just as the school year ends, I find another temp job. To sweeten the pot, the job is not only within Chicago city limits but it's essentially temp-to-hire.

+ The Royals were in first place this late in the season for the first time in 11 years. As of this writing, they were on their first 10-game winning streak in 20 years... followed by a four-game schneid. Either way, you better believe I'm grinning from ear to ear.



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  2. Wow, I would think that spammers might be smart enough to hire someone who speaks english!

    But anyway, let's talk about your blog. You're ignoring lot of facts to make your point. A couple of years ago, Iraq was stable, as even Obama himself said. This current problem was caused by his insisting the US pull its forces out, and he had been warned about what would happen if he did so.
    I've known ever since I took military history classes that wars can't be won by leaving...They can only be lost or lead to further conflicts. WWII is a good example off this, and it would be ignorant to say that WWI was a mistake because it led to WWII. The issue wasn't settled until we beat them....and stayed.
    Do you think there would be a South Korea right now if we had left in 1960?
    Face up to it...it's this administration's policies that are the mistake. Most people know this, and recent polls suggest that most people consider Obama to be the worst president in recent history, and the Iraq situation is just another reason why.

    Good to see the Royals winning, though. They'll fade down the stretch, but they're looking respectable.