Friday, January 2, 2015

That Wonderful Year in TV... 2014

Well, Happy New Year everyone. After fighting a rough case of the flu last week, my 2014 TV blog was pushed into early January. For the handful of people that still read this blog, thank you for your patience. I hope this top five was worth the wait, because 2014 in TV was incessantly entertaining.

1. Broad City, Comedy Central. In a banner year for Comedy Central programming --"The Colbert Report" went out with a bang, and I've heard good stuff about "Review"-- arguably the most unique sitcom on basic cable was its funniest. Abby and Ilana live pathetic, low-stakes lives yet their tiny crises and self-delusion was plenty entertaining. Memorable Episodes: "Working Girl," "Fattest Asses," "Apartment Hunters"

2. Community, NBC. This season never should have happened. After an uneven (read: not totally awful) fourth season, showrunner Dan Harmon returned by some act of God and made his strangest creation relevant again. Aging and mortality made for a compelling recurring theme in 2014's big comeback story. Memorable Episodes: "Cooperative Polygraphy," "GI Jeff," "Basic Story"

3. Bob's Burgers, Fox. Surreal humor and family warmth are always on the menu at everyone's fledging burger joint. Even though monotone eldest daughter Tina remains the show's best weapon, all five Belchers have their own lovable set of quirks, and Season 4 was also a breakout year for sad-sack regular customer Teddy. Memorable Episodes: "Mazel Tina," "The Equestranauts," "Tina and the Real Ghost"

4. Mad Men, AMC. The ad execs and creative talents of Sterling Cooper & Partners (or whatever it's called now) entered 1969 amid much personal turmoil. At the halfway point of the show's bifurcated final season, it came down to the agency's makeshift family: Don the Dad, doting Pete and Peggy, Grandpa Bert (RIP) and wacky Uncle Roger. Memorable Episodes: "A Day's Work," "Waterloo"

5. Girls, HBO. Even though the hype (and ensuing controversy) has died down considerably, Lena Dunham and company are still putting out a quality product. The lighter-hearted third season also featured the epic "Beach House" fight that was in the gloaming almost from day one. Memorable Episodes: "Dead Inside," "Beach House," "Flo"

Honorable Mentions: Boardwalk Empire, HBO (episodes "Devil You Know" and "Eldorado") and Adventure Time, Cartoon Network (too many episodes to count).

Again, your thoughts?

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