Sunday, December 6, 2015

Weekly Update #500

This is my 500th blog post. Holy crap.

If I were still posting every week --which I did, until late 2012-- I would have achieved this milestone about a year ago. However, I never found weekly blogging to be that sustainable, especially after college, and after seven years I finally cried uncle. In the past three years, however I've made an effort to put quality over quantity and write longer, more substantial posts when the inspiration strikes me. To the 20-odd people that read my missives on a regular basis, I thank you. It's a far cry from the dialogue that I could stir up on, but quite frankly I'm grateful that anyone is reading this. Also, I don't want to repeat myself, especially after I acknowledged my 10th anniversary of blogging less than six months ago, so I'll just get back to business.

+ Just because Donald Trump is still leading in most polls does not mean the GOP is moving in lockstep with the political neophyte. There are still 14 candidates vying for the GOP nomination and in some right-wing circles, Trump is outright hated. I'm liberal, but even I'm starting to sympathize with the likes of Jeb Bush and Chris Christie. The soul and identity of the Republican Party is increasingly at stake.

+ What can I say about the San Bernadino massacre? I would send my thoughts and prayers, but that accomplishes very little. I would be more vocal about gun control, but we all know that's treading water. I could try to process the "how" and "why," but you can't fight the logic of a crazed mind. All I can do is just sit here and hope the violence stops.

Next Week: the year in music, 2015.


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