Tuesday, September 1, 2009

September? Already?

I'm working extra hours at work this week, so I'll have to keep this short:

Sen. Edward Kennedy (D-MA) was an eloquent statesman, no friend of the conservative think-tank yet respected for his negotiation skills and many years of hard-fought service to the American government. A lot of people have argued in the past week that his death at age 77 has been blown out of proportion by the media, a criticism that isn't completely invalid. If Teddy wasn't part of a legendary political family, or the last living reminder of a halyconic dynasty frequently beset by tragedy, coverage of his passing would've been incredibly basic: "Breaking News" status on all the cable and internet news outlets, a handful of mournful blurbs from those who knew him closest, and a proper funeral that would've merited (at most) 30 seconds of attention on the 10 o'clock news. Alas, Kennedy was no ordinary public servant; he carried the burden of his older brothers' premature deaths --not to mention his own unfortunate youthful discretions-- to become the face of the Democratic party and one of the most crucial liberal movers-and-shakers of the past 50 years. Whether you liked him or not, there's never going to be anybody quite like Teddy blustering through the U.S. Senate ever again.

Other notes:

+ I somehow managed to draft Adrian Peterson and LaDainian Tomlinson onto my fantasy football team this season. Even though my league has just six teams, I still have no idea how I pulled that off.

+ Meanwhile, in fantasy baseball I dropped Johan Santana following his bone chip injury and picked up Randy Wolf, who'd been a workhorse on my other team. From the looks of it, both of my fantasy teams will make the playoffs this year (one has already clinched).

+ Did the Associated Press completely forget that Utah is a dry state?

+ Scientists have discovered the coldest, driest, calmest place on Earth... on the other side of Gov. Mark Sanford's bed.

+ Happy 70th anniversary, World War II!


  1. Was not a fan of the Kennedys at all.

    I have no idea what the playoff rules are for the fantasy teams. If a team loses 100+, they shouldn't be allowed to be in the playoffs.

    Sweet. September. Love fall, hate summer. Looking forward to changing leaves, apple cider & Bears football. I love how those asshole Denver fans ended up eating crow. I'd blame the dickhead McDaniels coach, not Cutler for leaving.

  2. I was not a fan of Teddy either, but I still feel sorry for his family. At least Teddy stood for what he believed in and did not back down from it, I can respect that, even though I disagreed with him all the time.

    I can't wait for Football either, the Bears look great and I hope McDaniels regrets that stupid trade he did. Now Chicago has Cutler, and Denver has a guy who cut his finger. The Cardinals will stay ontop of the NFC West for a while too, so I have two good teams to root for.

  3. Wow I just read in the paper that Casey & Michaela got fired! Also WLS-TV just doubled their weak signal & will be moving to RF-44 by mid-Oct. I was really annoyed how pixelated the screen would get during the news. It was pretty damn annoying, especially during thunderstorms.

  4. Yeah, most of the SNL Forum is shocked by the firings, too. Michaela left a strong impression and I'll miss her, but Casey kept getting lost in the shuffle. Good luck to Jenny and Nasad, the two new featured players.

    As for fantasy baseball- there are 220 "games," so feasibly a team that goes 120-100 could still make the playoffs. Anything can happen between now and tomorrow.