Saturday, March 2, 2013

My Empire in Ruins

Early last month, I reached a remarkable milestone and I completely forgot about it for 3 1/2 weeks. February 1st was the tenth anniversary of my registering on TV Tome, the site that proceeded (and begat) Considering how much time and energy I've put into the site over this past decade, one would assume this would be a cause for celebration. Instead, it barely registered in my conscious. What once was a passion now feels like a chore.

If you visit now, it feels like a second-tier entertainment news site, rather than the communal celebration of all things television that it was and should be. The people that built this site from scratch so many years ago are long gone; an anonymous group of corporate hacks are pulling the reins. The community is dying, episode guides aren't being updated, and most of the forums feel like ghost towns. My Level 63 status, high ranking and hard earned, feels increasingly hollow. CNet's presence has been both a blessing and a bane.

So why haven't I left? For the same reason why I didn't leave eight years ago; I had too much to lose. I still contribute information, but not at the same frequency as I did five years ago. I still post in the forums, though fewer people comment after me. Most of my acquaintances keep in touch through social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter. If the ship sinks, I'm going down with it.  Unlike most of my peers, there's too much of me on that site to just up and leave. That's not to say I haven't been tempted...


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  1. With the staff being cut down to one person, and no list of edited guides on the new profiles, I would guess that editorships are on the way out...