Friday, February 20, 2015

Kept in Stitches

I don't believe I've ever gone 3 1/2 weeks without blogging. I have a perfectly reasonable explanation:

On February 4th, my mother had quadruple bypass surgery. She went to a nearby hospital on the 3rd for a routine angiogram and didn't leave until the 16th. The past two weeks and change have been fairly hectic; on top of work and various improv and comedy activities, my sister and I have also had to divide my mom's tasks around the house. Given that both my mother and father have a history of health issues, and my father is still finding his footing nearly a year since the doctors told him he was cancer-free, it's been a tall order. My sister and I are somewhat stressed out, yet desensitized by this latest of many obstacles.

At the moment, my mother is currently in physical rehab; oddly enough, it's at the same nursing home where my grandmother resides. Please keep sending your positive thoughts and good vibes during this trying time.


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