Saturday, August 24, 2013

Random Notes, August 2013

+ I was going to use this time and space to brag about my Kansas City Royals. However, a recent sweep by one of the worst teams in the American League (cough) and a possible sweep by the middling Nationals has put a tremendous hamper on that. With that said, we're still over .500 and meeting my expectations for 2013. We're starting to fade out of the AL Wild Card race, but that only raises the stakes for '14.

+ This really is the greatest keyboard shortcut ever. Check it out.

+ Please enjoy this over-the-top op-ed by the former "Couch Critic" from TV Guide.

+ Dad Update:  As I write this, my father is in his second round of chemotherapy. The first one lasted a little over a week, but this round has been a little tougher. He's having bladder issues, so he's been temporarily put on kidney dialysis. No word yet on when he'll be released from the hospital, but at this rate it won't be until the middle of next week.

+ Fantasy Update: I've never been as strong at roto football than I am at roto baseball --or Yahoo Pick'Um, for that matter-- but I have enough fun every year to keep coming back. This year's bumper crop of quality running backs should make for an interesting draft.

+ After a few short weeks contributing to iO Watercooler, I have been given my own "spinoff" Facebook page. Just search "Stu News" and click like. (For those of you that aren't on Zuckerberg's site, you can follow me on Twitter here.)

+ Holy crap, I'm 29.



  1. I wasn't quite 29 when the Royals and an umpire stole game 6 from my beloved Cardinals. I was a big fan of Brett though, so it didn't hurt too much. I wonder how much of an impact Brett has made as a hitting coach. I always keep Lau's book handy, which is, of course, full of pics of Brett showing Lau's hitting methods in action. All-in-all, it's been a shame that the Royals have been a bad joke for so many years, and I hope that Brett is the first step to really turning things around there.

  2. Technically Firefox has a history of closed tabs & a restore browser history option. Sometimes you have to open a second browser but it works almost all of the time.