Thursday, August 30, 2018

Our Man in Arizona

John McCain was a flawed human. As far as I'm concerned, let the nutjobs and Trump lemmings that have hijacked the GOP --to the say the least of some picky progressives-- piss on McCain's grave. I didn't see to eye with his politics, but McCain was a patriot and warrior. My respect was unwavering, even though I only voted for him once (as a write-in for president in the 2004 primary). As a POW, his bravery under astonishing duress cannot be questioned.

When McCain said something potentially offensive, he apologized (with one possible exception). The fact of the matter is, all politicians have done something regrettable.  If he came off as brash and arrogant upon first impression, he sat down and listened soon after. He was the last of a dying breed, a Republican that believed in bipartisanship for the sake of the nation, and a maverick before it became Tea Party cliche. With McCain's death, the rift widens further.

Next Week: my 2018 NFL preview.


Saturday, August 25, 2018

Through a Freshman's Eyes... 15 Years Ago

Every May, with the onset of high school graduation, I post my own personal version of Beloit College's famed "mindset list." However, I just celebrated my birthday, and this month also marks 15 years since I started college.

With that said, if you graduated from high school in 2003...

+ ...the Middle East has always been on equal footing with Russia as a threat to the United States.
+ has always been acceptable for a women to run for (at the very least) Vice President of the United States.
+ ...there has only been one version of the game show "Jeopardy!" and it has always been hosted by Alex Trebek.
+ has always been legal to record TV shows.
+ ...gas has always been unleaded.
+ ...Lean Cuisine has always been available in a supermarket near you.
+ ...the Detroit Tigers have never won a World Series.
+ ...Pete Rose has always been the all-time hit king and associated with gambling.
+ ...they have never seen a USFL game.
+ ...Richard Burton, Truman Capote, Ricky Nelson, Samantha Smith, Laura Ashley, Orson Welles, Nicholas "Coach" Colasanto, Karen Ann Quinlin, Benigno Aquino, and Ruth Gordon have always been dead.
+ ...there has always been a screening test for AIDS.


Friday, August 17, 2018

Fighting Words

My personal three-posts-a-month quota is killing me, so I'll keep this one short.

Omarosa, you done messed up. Your efforts were noble, I get that. In an attempt to blow the lid on President Trump, and with more credibility than "Fire & Fury," you still wrote several hundred pages of unsubstantiated gossip-mongering. Its more salacious than revealing. The most noteworthy accusation, where Omarosa Marigault-Newman (Stallworth?) hears Trump say the N-word and has audio proof, stops short of explaining why she hasn't released the recording. Video has also failed to turn up.

The Trump administration is toxic to the extent that even the whistle-blowers can't help but trip over themselves. They are excised, they are labeled pathetic by Trump and his staff, and when they offer their side of the story (like Steve Bannon via Michael Wolff) they veer into heresy and self-serving. Even Sean Spicer's omission-riddled memoir, far more glad-handing than the works of Wolff or Omarosa, was scoffed at.

Two more years of this nonsense.