Tuesday, May 1, 2012

An Announcement & Random Notes

This week marks the second anniversary of when I was ignobly replaced at Salem Communications' Chicago branch. After 24 months of soul-searching and unemployment-inflicted neurosis I may have found something stable in the least likely of places. Effective later this week, I will be an independent contractor for the College of DuPage. Specifically, I will be selling underwriting for WDCB-FM, the radio station I worked at from 2003 to 2006. I don't have an office, and the position pays entirely in commission, but I'm glad to be back in WDCB's good graces. Of course, I never entirely went away; I have volunteered intermittently at the station, usually during their quarterly pledge drives, for the past six-plus years. I might be back at square one, but I'm glad to be back in the radio industry regardless.

Other notes:

+ April was not a great month for sports, at least from my perspective.  My Royals dropped their first ten home games --during one extended homestand, no less-- as young up-and-comers like Eric Hosmer and Mike Moustaskas struggled at the plate. Closer to home, the Blackhawks were eliminated by the Coyotes in the NHL quarterfinals, with Raffi Torres' hit on Marian Hossa being the "highlight" of the series. Late last week, Illinois State basketball head coach Tim Jankovich bolted for Southern Methodist, where he'll be reunited with mentor Larry Brown. The month ended with Derrick Rose blowing out his ACL in the Bulls' first playoff game against Philadelphia, seriously endangering a potential championship run. Hopefully May brings better fortunes to the teams I root for.

+ Do any cable channels air what they're supposed to air anymore?  IFC --short for Independent Film Channel, mind you-- has been airing "Malcolm in the Middle" reruns since late last year. VH1 Classic is now mixing its '80s/'90s music video lineup with old episodes of "Married... with Children." Reelz (a smaller channel that emphasizes movie talk and airs bad '80s flicks) is now dabbling into original scripted programming. It's more than just MTV not airing music videos anymore. Didn't any of this  mean something to anyone?

+ Finally, my ex-roommate made the Huffington Post! (The reporter, not the spitting lady.)

Next week: my seventh annual fantasy Emmy ballot.

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  1. Most egregious examples of cable channels straying away from their original focus: Bravo, TLC, and MTV.