Thursday, November 24, 2022

My 18th Annual Thanks/No Thanks List

 As I do every year in the fourth week of November, I pause from the 24-hour news cycle and get introspective. Largely because its overlooked and there's no annoying music, I suppose Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Regardless, I'll try to keep this short and sweet. 

Thanks: I'm on another long-term sub assignment! My third in 13 months, and with the same group of students. I feel like behavior issues have increased, but I appreciate the steady work. I'm also grateful to be in a good district with some support. Beyond that, I'm thankful that our 45th president's sway in the GOP is on the decline. 

No Thanks: the lack of common sense gun control, inflation, lingering supply chain issues, and transmission repairs. You know, the usual crap.


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